Hello folks! Thanks for checking out my little comic and I hope you stick around as I will continue to make them for as long as the world allows. I hope that you guys like the jokes and get the humor. I started this comic because I love games very much. I am a gamer, games are my life. As is art and it is out of that love that I am able to poke fun at things that happen in games and the video game industry. In the end it’s all jokes.

- TK

"Pulling a fast one"

Ok so I just saw the news that in Final Fantasy: Lightning returns you can dress up as Cloud? Am I the only one who sees how messed up that is? I mean how many years have people begged and pleaded for a FF7 remake? Some would say it’s a tale as old as time. Though personally I was never the biggest FF7 fan so it’s only sort of a slap in the face to me. How do you lot feel about it? I mean they are flaunting a gorgeous HD rendition of the buster sword and the whole outfit and all that and then BAM! no Cloud. Oh well, comic two is in the bag and I will continue to try and update as frequently as possible until I can get a more set schedule for the strips in place.

"New Leaf=No sleep"

So this is the very first comic and I hope to continue making them. So follow the blog if you like games or comics or both. Anyways…

The new Animal Crossing is very fun but I also find it odd. I found that the responsibility of being made mayor of this town (Gotham City) was a lot for me to handle. These other residents depend on me to make moves and bring a new found prosperity to this town that I’m not sure if I can accomplish. I have zero experience in government and certainly have never before been an elected official. What were these people thinking? Oh well I guess I will just wander around and hope the town doesn’t catch fire.